Today is the big day. At 2:30 PM CST, Sara and I are going to our 20 week check-up. We’re going to find out for sure what is growing in Sara’s belly. Now, some of you may know that we had some complications last week. Sara had to leave a day early from summer camp. Sara and our friend Cathy spent the day in a Corpus Christi emergency room. In the end, they got a peak at the baby… a very thorough peak. Although the technician wasn’t allowed to say what it was, she gave Sara and Cathy a pretty big clue. Although I couldn’t be there because I was speaking to the kids at camp, I did get to be on the phone during the sonogram. So, we’ve been carrying around this secret for the past week and today we’re having another sonogram where we’ll get confirmation. So, by 3:00 today, we’ll know what we’re having. Are you excited?

We are?