Yesterday my church began a corporate revolution. It’s not the first time Gateway Church in Austin has participated in the Soul Revolution, but I’m very excited for what this will mean for both my church and for myself as well.

Four years ago my pastor, John Burke, released his book Soul Revolution as a guide to Christ followers to revolutionize their spiritual life. Since that time I’ve met scores of people who describe how their lives were radically changed during the 60/60 experiment which makes up Soul Revolution. The basis of Soul Revolution and the 60/60 comes from the conversation Jesus had with his disciples in John 15. He very simply compared spiritual health and growth to a branch that is connected to the vine. If the branch stays connected to the vine, it will produce fruit. If it does not stay connected to the vine, it will whither and die. Could it really be that spiritual health and growth could be as simple as this. If we can stay connected to the Spirit of God, would we produce fruit?

We all know that our lives are so busy and more often than not, we forget about spiritual things in our every day lives. But what if we could stay connected, all day long? What if we could intentionally practice listening and responding to the spirit of God? Well, that’s what the 60/60 experiment is all about. Setting a physical reminder to help us connect with God every 60 minutes for the next 60 days. Four years ago, we set beepers on our watches and our phones. This year we literally have an iPhone app and other tools.

If you’re interested in participating in something like the 60/60, watch the video below. You can pick up John’s book Soul Revolution here.