I’m not even going to get into a numbers debate with anyone. I like the way Craig Jutila approached the topic. Who cares how many kids you have in your ministry, the important question to ask is, “Do you have more kids in your ministry this year compared to last year?”

Do you have attendance goals for you ministry? You should! It should be our goal to increase our influence and setting attendance goals is one way to motivate us toward expanding our reach. We have a pretty bold goal for this year and so far we’re on track to reaching it.

When I came on staff at Gateway 11 months ago, the average children’s attendance was between 550 and 600 kids. During the summer, we actually dipped into the low 500’s and high 400’s. I was told that the Fall was always a high attendance time and January was the highest. This January we crept into the low 700’s twice. Three weeks ago we actually hit 775… so close to the 800 mark. Well, this past Sunday we broke the 800 kid barrier. Woo hoo!

Yeah, this was a spike, but yesterday’s spikes often become today’s average when you’re experiencing healthy growth. I’m just proud of my team for doing what it takes to handle 800 kids on one weekend.*

You may be wondering, “what did you do to allow for this kind of growth?” I’ll post later this week with information on what we’ve been doing and what I believe has caused this surge in attendance.

* This attendance number is just kids birth through 5th grade on our North Campus. This number didn’t include volunteers or kids at our South Campus.