Author: Kenny Conley

SURGE: Kids in Missions

With great excitement I’m embarking on a great new ministry for kids at Cross Timbers. This July I’ll be taking a team of 40 to Mexico on a missions trip. Although mission trips to Mexico are about a common as...

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 Okay, I know that sounded really demanding. Also I know that school is almost out (two more days in my neck of the woods). However, this needs to be said. If allowed, every children’s pastor needs too be in the schools...

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The Multi-Site Advantage

  Sorry, I still have multi-site on the brain. I was thinking about my last two posts all weekend and felt that I needed to emphasize the last few sentences of my most recent post. This was the thing that I found so beautiful...

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My Multi-Site Evaluation

Okay, my last post was getting too long and I hadn’t even gotten to my honest evaluation. So, I decided to add a separate post of my evaluation. I’ve been intimately involved in a multi-site church for about 18...

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My Multi-Site Journey

My new friend Dawn shot me an email asking me about what my church (being multi-site) is like. If you are closely involved in the multi-site movement, you would know that every one is different… kind of like snowflakes. My...

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When it rains, it floods!

(where I’m officing now… the church lobby) This week was pretty unusual. We had some April storms come through on Tuesday, nothing unusual for North Texas this time of year. At about 1:45 (during staff meeting with...

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