So, last night my Elementary Large Group Director sent me an email. She asked if we could get some new songs for elementary. I won’t tell you which songs have been “over played” but she did say that if she has to listen to some of these songs any more, she might get sick. She suggested some songs that our elementary kids were introduced to a few weeks ago at our Winter Camp, “Oceans” and “Alive.” A quick google search results page made me very happy. How about awesome, kid-friendly, live lyric tracks of “Oceans,” “Alive” and “10,000” reasons by Yancy? Jackpot!

Let me be honest. I’m a big fan of Yancy. I know her personally and I know she has a heart of gold. She love’s Jesus and she has an amazing calling to produce amazing worship resources for churches. She didn’t ask me to write this blog post, but a short text conversation with her got me excited about more worship resources she’s working on.

If you’re looking for some great live lyric tracks to use in your elementary environments, look no further. Here’s the four Yancy tracks we downloaded last night to start using this month in our environments. Be sure to check out all her available tracks for both preschool and elementary programs at Worship House Kids and Amber Sky Records.

Our God Oceans Alive 10000Reasons