awkwardSo, ever since I flew in to Nashville yesterday, I’ve been getting plenty of hang time with Sam Luce. Late last night we drove in to Cincinnati and met up with Matt McKee at his parents house (where we were going to spend the night). It’s been a fun gathering.

In case you didn’t know, the three of us all met through our blogs. We, along with Gina McClain and Jonathan Cliff all connected because were were all inspired by what we were writing. Last April, we all met in person for the first time at the Orange Conference. So, yesterday I learned a valuable lesson. Although we technically did all meet through the Interet, saying that is kinda creepy.

Yesterday in IN, I was introducing Sam to my admin from my first church. I told her how he was a Children’s Pastor from New York and I met him through mine and his blog. She kind of cocked her head to the side a little and asked, “so you met him online?” I replied, “yeah, that sounds bad doesn’t it?”

Then a few hours later we got to Cincinnati to meet up with Matt McKee. His parents house had more room, so we stayed with them. Earlier in the week Matt has arranged with his parents for us to say in his house. Basically Matt asked his parents if two of his friends from Children’s Ministry could stay in their guest rooms. They asked, “So how do you know these guys?” Matt replied, “Well, I met them online…” His parents countered back, “They’re not going to steal any of our stuff, are they?”

So, I can see that the explanation of our meeting tends to come across kind of weird. So, I’m looking for a new way to phrase how we all met… one that doesn’t sound so “internet dating” like. 🙂