What’s it like coming back from vacation for you?

Most of the time the first day back from vacation is an epic waste. My body is present, but my mind is still asleep. I get little done and it’s difficult to focus. I’ve found this to be true even with pressing deadlines on the horizon.

I got back from vacation last Monday and Tuesday was my first day in the office. I’m not sure what happened to me. On both Tuesday and Wednesday I was up after 5:00 AM and working before 6:00 AM. On Tuesday I actually went home close to two, but on Wednesday I worked from 6:00 AM until pretty close to 5:00 PM and I cranked out the productivity. I’m not sure what happened this time.

What’s it normally like for you?

BTW, vacation was phenominal. I spent five luxurious days with my wife at an all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen for our ten year anniversary. It was a much needed rest!