bacn Many moons ago I wrote this post.

For once, I thought I was going to be the early adopter of something. I guess compared to a lot of people, I am an early adopter on a lot of things in the tech world. However, I didn’t start using Twitter until 6 weeks ago (although my friend Matt talked it about a year ago) and I haven’t even tried Jott yet (but I plan to, I promise). When I heard about bacn, I started dropping it into my conversations (bad idea, if people question your geekieness already, they certainly will after you use the term bacn when talking about email) and even blogged about it. Then… nothing. I’ve heard very little about bacn since then. On the podcast I listen to regularly, I hear it on occasion (and they don’t explain what it is which shows that at least in their circle, the term has been adopted).

However, today I was very pleased. I found this article on “Learning to Speak like a Generation Millennial.” The very first word in this article that was added to the 2008 Cultural Dictionary (you don’t have to point out that the list is in alphabetical order) is none other than… BACN! Woo hoo! I guess I’m not spending enough time with Generation Millennial.

I’m sure there is someone out there thinking this in their head right now, “Kenny, how do I become an early adopter?”

Yes, you too can become an early adopter of Bacn. Here is how:

  • If you run a blog, write a post this week and sneak in the word bacn. You can write an entire post about it if you want, but to prove your early adoptive-ness, just use it in a sentence. Link your use of the word “bacn” to this web post so it will show up as a track back in the comments.
  • If you don’t run a blog, see if you can find the term bacn being used somewhere on the web. If you do, send a link in the comments.

All of those who participate (I have my expectation set at one participant right now… am I the optimist or what?) I will bestow upon you the title of “Grand Bacn Early Adopter.” I might even make you a certificate for you to hang on your wall. No, I don’t have that much time on my hands… so it is special! 😉

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