I religiously listen to the daily Podcast Buzz Out Loud (from CNET). It’s a fun and informative Podcast on anything technical. I’ve been listening for over a year now and it’s usually my source for new information for things on the web, market and and everything else.

So, I just heard in my Podcast yesterday of a brand new term (keep in mind that I’m currently a week behind in my Podcasts, so this information is not “breaking news”) coming to the technology world and may soon infiltrate the life of everyone who has an email address. The word? Bacn. Bacn is the word being used to describe the email that fills our inboxes that isn’t spam, but also isn’t email from people. Your daily email from your favorite website, your electronic bills, your notifications from myspace or facebook, your alerts and everything that broadly fits into this category. This is Bacn. It’s better than spam.

The spelling is a nod to web 2.0 influence and the name is in reference to spam. Ultimately, it may soon be a term you use on a regular basis. So, remember where you heard it first… bacn. Now I’m a little hungry.

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