The first rule is to incorporate contrast into your design. You want to avoid elements that are all alike. Usually contrast is the most important part of the design… the thing that gets a person to look at the design to begin with. It’s like a great plot to a story. Without conflict of some type, the story is boring. The same is true of design. Don’t be afraid to create contrast in your design. The stronger the contrast, the bigger.

Don’t just simply use bold and italics to create contrast within your design. Use huge fonts next to small fonts. Use colors to create contrast. Rather than use a small picture on the card, blow up the picture so that it dominates the card and let your text fill int he space around the image. Here are a few examples of how you might use this rule.


Want some real life examples. Click here to see some beautifully designed magazine layouts. Notice the use of contrast. Huge font sizes. Huge contrast in colors of font and background. Huge amounts of white space. These things all cause contrast. They tell your eyes “HEY! LOOK HERE!” Always remember this rule. If your attempt at contrast isn’t immediately noticed, you didn’t go big enough.