So this rule is easy. Repetition is finding certain elements that naturally repeat and strengthening them. The idea of repetition is to unify your overall design. Although this is really important on multi-page designs, it is true too of postcards, banners, flyers or other one page pieces. Repetition has the power to add visual interest. Perhaps your flyer has a paragraph of information. See if you can’t divide the content into 3-5 one or two sentence bullet pints. Not only does it make it easier to read, but it makes it more interesting to look at. Maybe you’re refining your resume. Incorporate repetition into your headings and sub-headings. Don’t use 5 different fonts, just use one (two at the most) and stay consistent through your piece. Consistent and repetitive elements guide the viewer to see and read what you want him to see and read.

Here are some good examples of repetition.


This is more of a multi-piece design, but you can even seen the repetition on single pieces, specifically with the yellow color as well as the repetition of the logo as a watermark both on the stationary and the business card.


This web page uses repetition mostly in color. I don’t think it’s accident that they chose that color green leaf in the first picture box. You see the green and gray colors repeated throughout the page which unifies the design. Event he little rss feed icon at the top of the page, which is usually naturally an orange color, was changed to green to repeat the color scheme.


Circles. They’re in the logo ad they’re in the brochure. I can’t see close enough, but it looks like the bullet points are not just your typical bullet points, but tied into the circle theme.


It’s a very crowded card, but the use of repetition helps unify this two sided card. You see it especially on the back with the bold red font above each section.


The repetition of color and shapes/sizes of pictures tie all the elements of this two sided postcard together well.

So, there isn’t much to repetition. See where in your design repetition is happening naturally and see if you can strengthen it so it’s even more obvious. The repetition element isn’t especially noticed when you have this in your design as much as it is noticed when it’s absent.