1313521-2-i-love-graphic-designI had to take a design class as a part of my masters program for Education. Although I was glad to take this class (since I love design), I wasn’t sure why this was required. Now I understand.

It’s the same reason why you as a Children’s Pastor/Director/Leader should also care about design.

By the very nature of what you do, you are a communicator. It’s how you do what you do. Although the majority of what you communicate my be verbal/written, design plays a significant role in your ability to effectively communicate. Whether it is a take home paper, a note to parents a sign on a door or even slides for weekend productions, we’ve all had to design these. Whether you like it or not, you’re a designer and here is where the rubber meets the road. As communicators, we want to be heard. We make notes, signs, slides and other pieces becasue we want kids/parents to read them. We have something important to communicate. However, if our design is horrible, our message may not be read or clearly understood. You see, if we fail as a designer, we may possibly fail as a communicator.

As a communicator, you should care about design becasue you want to be heard and understood.

Since most Children’s Pastors/Directors/Leaders don’t have access to a graphic designer, that task falls on you. You can be a better designer, especially if you follow a few simple rules.