Hey Kidmin friends! I mentioned it yesterday in my bulleted list of awesomeness, but I felt it deserved it’s own post. One of the main reasons I’ve not posted virtually anything in the past two weeks because of a top secret project that I’ve been working on. Only me and about 20 other people who have been sworn to secrecy know what I’ve been up to (plus a lot of those people have been helping me out as well).

So, on Wednesday at 10:03 AM (CST) I’m going to reveal my secret. Exciting, huh?

Okay, I say all of this with reservation. I’m very excited about what I’ve been working on and I know that many of you will be as well. But I’m always a little wary of making these kinds of announcements. What if I pump this thing up really big and you’re expecting Cirque de Soleil meets David Hasselhoff and what you get is just a little less? I don’t want that? How disappointing. So, set your expectations at “medium” and expect to get BLOWN AWAY!

I’m so excited, I’m adding a countdown timer… because it’s awesome!