For the last few months I’ve been cleaning up my blog. I found some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that are amazing, however it has required me to go back and update every post. In additon, I didn’t start tagging my posts unitl about five months ago. So, I’ve been going back and creatining tags for past blog posts. Yes, this is taking a very long time. I just updated two pages of post on my admin screen. That’s 30 separate posts. It took two hours.

I have 14 pages left, or 210 inidvidual blog posts. Yeah, about 14 more hours of cleanup. Once I’m done with this clean up, I’ll be updating my categories and moving my blog to the root directory. That shouldn’t really take very long. Once all this junk is done, I’ll relaunch with my pretty new blog theme I purchased six weeks ago. I can’t wait. Again, I’m planning to have this all done a few weeks before Orange, so I’ll keep at it.