This is it. My 1000th post. That’s really hard to pronounce.

It’s really hard to believe all that’s happened in the last three years becasue of this little blog. 1000 posts ago, or 1096 days ago, I installed wordpress and started typing this blog, wondering who if anyone would read it. I didn’t realize how much it would change me life. Venturing into the world of blogging has introduced me to several very close friends who’ve impacted me in a pretty significant way. This blog has allowed me to impact many people in very tangible ways as well. I also firmly believe that some of the things I’ve written will or have already impacted many people and I just might never know about it.

You see, that’s why this blog exists. In recent months many have commented on how many posts I throw out in a week (or day). Yes, it’s my goal-driven OCD nature that’s got me on overdrive as of recent, but it’s really my passion for sharing and equipping others that drives me. As a 14 year old, God called me to full time ministry to kids. However, as an 18 year old, God revealed to me that my calling expanded beyond the kids at my local church. Even as a 19 year old children’s pastor, I carried with me the burden that I was to equip others even while I was still trying to figure this whole ministry thing out. I feel like I’ve got ideas, experiences and things to share and that’s one of the reason why I blog. That’s why I just hit post 1000 in exactly three years.

In many ways it all goes back to the first post. I re-read this the other night and cracked up. I’ve always believed that I was going to write. Books, curriculum, articles. You name it, I was supposed to write it. I’d  finished my masters degree a year earlier and I’d not written a thing. So, I started this blog and I’ve been writing ever since (Actually, I calculated what I’ve written for this blog and it equals to about 4-5 books). I didn’t know where this blog would take me, but it’s been a thrilling ride. I certainly enjoy the community I’ve developed with those of you who read. I’ve enjoyed speaking into your lives and I’ve enjoyed the great ideas and thoughts you’ve given me. So, thank you for sharing your lives with me as I’ve shared mine with you. Hopefully we’ll all still be doing this in a few more years when this sucker hits 2000!