This is ridiculous.

I started this blog a little over nine years ago. The first post was a little strange and awkward. I knew I was supposed to start writing and so I did, not knowing who would ever read it. Three years later, I wrote my 1000th post (a ridiculous pace). However, I’m so proud to hit the publish button on this post, number 2000. 

I’ve been a NextGen Pastor for nearly nine years. In a few more years, I’ll have been a NextGen Pastor longer than I was a Children’s Pastor. Over the years, I’ve thought about giving up this blog and focusing on much-needed resources for others doing NextGen, but I’ve not been able to let go. I love this community and what I’ve built through this site the last 9 years. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting on you.

Nine years later, 2000 posts later – I’m very excited about the future of this resource I’ve been able to create. I have several amazing authors now who are helping me deliver amazing content. More importantly, they’re helping to keep the content consistent while I take on some special projects. This year has been a transformational year for the blog and you’ll see how in the next couple of months. For years, I’ve simply documented ideas and things I was trying and experiencing. While this will still continue to happen, I’ll also begin releasing resources I’ve developed over, resources I’ve wanted to develop and crazy ideas I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m excited for the future and I think it’s about to get really good.

Thanks for reading. I know there are some ministry friends out there who have been reading for years. It’s been fun and I’m grateful to be doing this with you! Here’s to 3000!