The Ultimate Lock-In – Managing chaos!

One more Ultimate Lock-In… in the bag! As further detailed here, I carried out the 2007 Ultimate Lock-In on Friday, April 20. Probably due to my youth and my quest for fun, I keep my kids up late. Many times, my...

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Burkina Faso Recruiting Video… take 489

Joel and Heidi are very close friends of mine and are changing the lives of thousands in Burkina Faso, but these guys are crazy. Watch them attempt to film a recruiting video to come to Africa and work with...

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Children’s Ministry org chart

This post is in response both to a series of post from the “Just Pudge” blog (post 1, post 2 and post 3) and in response to the work I’ve been doing to get ready for a staff retreat I’m leading in a week....

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