screenshot-5I use wordpress for my blogs. It’s easy and open for 3rd party developers to enhance the experience. As I posted earlier, I write all my blogs in Windows Live Writer and publish directly from there. I will log into wordpress only to manage my posts. The only think I haven’t really taken advantage of was blogging from my phone/mobile device. WordPress and blogger (I’m sure others do as well, but I haven’t used them) allow you to send emails to your blog which automatically turn the the messages into posts. I’ve also accessed the admin side of my blog from my phone, but the internet viewing experience isn’t that rich on most mobile devices (I know… unless it’s an iPhone).

Well, this post in Mashable list plug-ins for all the major blog engines. It’s just a simple plug-in that once activated will give those of you with iPhones and iPod touch devices an incredible experience. Ever visited facebook on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Yeah, it’s the same kind of experience… tailored specifically for a mobile device. So here are some great little tools to make your experiences rich and rewarding.

Blog on!


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