Yesterday I posted what may be taken as a harsh critique of Christian media. I do realize that personal opinion and preference is often going to play into critiques, so no one is entirely objective (including myself). There have been a handful of Christian movies, many Christian books and scores of Christian songs that have impacted me, and still do. I think I’m just excited about a fresh perspective in the “Christian” genre. There is certainly room for others, right?

What probably prompted yesterday’s post and my passion was probably the frustration I felt when reading a post by Steve Taylor on Donald Miller’s blog which was late picked up by Christianity Today. It describes two efforts to undermine the film Blue Like Jazz. One of the efforts (not showing the trailer at the movie October Baby) seems to have a reasonable argument. In the past, movie trailers were shown that didn’t fit with the conservative audience seeing the film and people got upset. If this is the truth, then I can probably understand their argument. However, the other issue was where the influencers behind other Christian films like Fireproof and Facing the Giants have issued a warning to those working with BJL, threatening to sever relationships with those who help BLJ.

If this is true, it’s just sad. It’s the petty behavior you would expect to see in Hollywood, not those trying to spread a message of Christian spirituality. I’m certainly not suggesting anyone boycott a film or anything like that, but I think it’s worth expressing disappointment in the lack of unity if this is the case.