I truly believe that one of the best ways that we can grow is through reading. Every year I challenge myself to read more books. It really isn’t hard to work through some really great books if we just dedicate the time. I found that if I can just commit to reading one chapter a day, I could easily read 20-25 books a year. It’s really not that difficult. I also invested in an Audible account. Already this year, I’ve knocked out five audio books while driving around town and doing yard work. Seriously, reading is way easier than we make it out to be.

Last year I set a goal of reading 18 books and I finished the year with 20. This year, my goal is to read at least 22. So far I’ve read 9, but I have 6 in the works right now and should wrap them all up in the next week or so (anyone else read multiple books at once?).

Sometimes I find that I just need a good recommendation to get me started in a new book. I like to ask friends “what’s the best book you’ve read this year?” I tend to get several new books to add to my list. I figured we needed a little book club action on childrensministryonline.com. This week, we’ll talk about some of the best books we’ve read this year. Just the posts alone should offer some applicable truths, but I imagine they’ll tempt you to pick up a copy for yourself.

Hopefully, we’ll share some books that will make it to your list this year or next. Before we get started though, I have one simple question for you. What’s the best book YOU’VE read this year?