I recently got a new Bible for my son Titus. I’ve been a fan of the Read with Me Bible for years, so I decided to try out the version for toddlers. Holy Cow, I love it!

So since Titus was about 6-8 months old, we’ve been reading to him from “The Beginners Bible.” Titus probably didn’t actually engage in the process of reading his Bible until he was about 18 months or so (before then he was more interested in tearing pages out). However, I think I was becoming bored with reading from this Bible. The illustrations are cute, but really on the simple side of things where the books he was really getting into were a little more complex.

So, the Read with Me Bible has absolutely amazing illustrations. It’s so easy to fall in love with the characters, especially Jesus. In other Bibles, characters are simple cartoon characters that don’t necessarily stand out. The illustrations in this Bible suck you into the story. The stories are simple (not weighed down with details) but longer than some of the other Bibles for this age group (15-16 pages). I like this becasue you can really get into the story. Other Bibles at this age group focus more on getting as many stories in the Bible as possible making each story just 2-4 pages long. Although this Bible doesn’t have nearly as many stories, the stories it does tell are very engaging.

The only downside is that this is a little shorter than your standard Children’s Bible. We read to Titus twice a day, so we’ll go through the entire Bible in a little less than two weeks. However, this could be a positive though. Kids do like repetition and becasue this is shorter, my son will hear the key stories more often and become more familiar with these stories than he would if we only read through the other children’s Bible 3-4 times in one year.

If you have a child between the ages of 2-5, I highly recommend this Bible. I also suggest you buy some of these for your preschool classrooms and encourage it as a resource to the parents of your church.