I was at a birthday party last night and met a guy. He’s a very successful business man responsible for many start-ups. He was recently at a conference where an executive from Google was being interviewed or spoke (I don’t remember the details). Supposedly, Google decision makers take part in improv classes.


The brainstorming process says, “that’s a good idea, but…”
Improvisation says, “that’s a good idea, and…”

So, I don’t know exactly what that means yet, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Here’s what I’m thinking. Many ideas in the brainstorming process only make it to the white board. Although it’s an incredibly collaborative process where ideas birth new ideas, usually only a few make it into reality. What I see in my head and what gets written on the board aren’t always the same thing. However, in improvisational action, ideas take shape, ideas are alive and moving and other decision makers jump in, add their parts and help the idea evolve.

Intriguing concept for sure? What does this look like in reality? I have no idea?

Any thoughts on how this might be applied in a practical sense?