You may have noticed a major lack of content here on the blog. Well, I took a week of vacation which was sandwiched by an out of town conference/retreat and a full-on volunteer expo. So, the dust is beginning to settle and I’ll be getting back into a regular blogging routine this week. You missed me, right? 🙂

So, what is it that’s had me so busy?

Leadership Networks Innovation Lab

My NextGen team and I were invited to spend a day in Dallas with Leadership Network to begin a year long Innovation Lab with five other great churches pushing the limits of what Family Ministry looks like today. It was probably one of the most powerful retreat/conference/breakout experiences I have ever had. I’ll tell you more about it later, but this gathering was absolutely transformational for our team.


While I was in Dallas, my wife and Titus went on to Atlanta to visit with family (where Titus had his first visit to the urgent care… I’d already taken him to the Dr. the Monday before). I arrive to Atlanta on Friday and had a nice long lunch with my friend Matt McKee. We spent the next 5 days in my hometown of Valdosta, GA with my parents. It was very restful, except that Titus still was not feeling well at all and had another visit to the urgent care in Valdosta). My family and I almost died while caught in a horrible lightning storm while tubing down a river in North Florida… check here for the video). We then wrapped up our vacation with 3 days at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. That was the perfect ending to our little vacation, even if it meant one more visit to the Dr. (this time at the hospital which included chest x-rays).

Just so you know, Titus is fine. Just a really pesky cold.

Volunteer Expo

Last Sunday, we recruited more than 200 people for various Sunday serving opportunities, more than 100 of them for NextGen alone. We’ve got another week for the expo, so I’ll write more about what we did next week.

So, that’s what has had me so busy. I’ll look forward to some new conversations with you in the coming weeks.