Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 10.59.33 AMA few day ago I happened across this blog which linked to this fascinating article on catechesis.

Yeah, I didn’t know what Catechesis was either. I’ve written some posts here and there about catechism and it’s place in the modern protestant church. Most of us, including myself have images of old and outdated practices when we here this word. However, I think that many of us realize that the generation of Christ followers we’re developing are less than grounded. I’m not throwing out the idea of investing in parents to where they have the spiritual lead or throwing out small groups where peers and adult leaders can build into students. I’m talking about some manner of content that aligns the next generation with sound beliefs in a world of relativism. I honestly think we need to take a another look at catechism and see it’s place in today’s church, especially the church like mine where most who attend are totally unchurched. Catechism was designed for such people more than a thousand years ago.

What I found intriguing was how it was the reformers like Calvin and Luther who revived catechism, specifically for children as well as adults. As a response to the reformers, the Catholic church revised their catechism. It’s been a lot of months that I’ve been talking about catechism and I think I’m pretty close to moving on something. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have another angle to share, how we’re building young Christ followers the old fashioned way.