Perhaps I’m going to come off prudish for this post. I got home from Burger King really impressed with what I had experienced. Then I saw part of this commercial.

I’ll give Burger King credit for stepping out there and taking risks. In my opinion they’re no where near the top of the stack, but they’re fighting to gain market share. They did some pretty innovative stuff with their Whopper Virgins web campaign (that was some funny stuff). It was directed for adults though. However, this commercial really confused me. It’s a throwback to the song “Baby Got Back” which would be geared to my generation. However, since Spongebob has a “square butt,” the messaging seems to be directed to kids as well. I’d think the video was a funny remake if I wasn’t concerned with Burger King targeting our kids.

I just don’t know what they’re trying to sell? Is there a Spong Bob happy meal? Is this just an attempt at viral marketing? What’s the point? I can appreciate a random commercial that only serves to stick in your head (that works too), but I feel they crossed a line by taking content that would be considered “more mature” and slapping a Sponge Bob package on it and throwing it at kids. Big risk Burger King and a little irresponsible in my opinion.