I had two Burger King experiences in one day, each one impacting me enough that I’d write about it. So here’s my first experience.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Burger King. I think I’ve eaten at a Burger King less than ten times in my life. However, there is one right near our house and my wife has fallen in love with the Jr. Whopper, so when we get a coupon we stop in and the BK Lounge. On my first visit inside this Burger King, I was impressed by two things.


I love the Drink Recipes on the soda fountain. Kids love making suicides. How cool is it when a restaurant gives you recipes and even has names for specific mixes. This is a big win for the kids. Good job BK for paying attention.


We ordered chicken nuggets for Titus. They came in the shape of BK crowns. Another win for BK. Our son isn’t old enough to care, but right now we do and one day he will. We already bough a bag of dinosaur shaped nuggets last week. This is a simple thing and kids and parents love this stuff.

Sometimes the big win is in the details. What little details do you incorporate in your ministry and service that equals a big win?