I think this is about the quietest I’ve been on the CMO blog since I came back in March. Sorry. I’ve got a whole bunch of posts swimming around in my head, I’m just saving them up! Actually, it’s been a pretty crazy 10 days.

  • I got back from camp last week, on my little boy’s first birthday.
  • We moved into our new house right before camp, so we’ve been unpacking a few boxes at a time… this is taking forever.
  • Three groups with three different assignments. I’m in a small group with some men on staff. We’re reading a book of the Bible each week. This week is John. I’m in a spiritual development group with some guys I just met that’s been a lot of fun. We have some exercises to do every week along with some scripture memorization. As a staff we’re reading a few chapters every week from “Transforming Discipleship.” So, I’m in a lot of meetings right now.
  • Over the weekend my brother came in town and we hung out a lot. On Monday I took the day off and went to a huge Texas water park (haven’t you heard, everything is bigger in Texas) with my family.
  • On Sunday I made the announcements, introduced myself and shared some vision for the CM at all three of our services.
  • Last Friday I had an intern arrive. He’s staying at my house this summer.