That’s a really long word and sometimes tricky to say.

Last week this article created quite a buzz around the blogosphere. If you haven’t read it or heard about it, crawl out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under and give it a read.

Sam Luce published a great post about it the other day.
Sam, Henry, Michael and I recorded a new podcast specifically talking about this article and it’s impact on Children’s Ministry.

Here are several other articles that were published in reaction to this information (these were provided to me by Henry Zonio):

Study results that original article was based on.
USAToday’s take on the study
Ed Stetzer Post #1
Ed Stetzer Post #2
Ed Stetzer Post #3
Article from the George Barna Group
Christianity Today Article

Just being honest here. After reading this stuff, it causes me to give more thought to the short series I wrote about doctrine a few weeks ago. One of the causes for so many leaving the faith is that they aren’t ever really getting it. I stand my by thought that intentional theology is certainly needed.