So, here we are at day two of Kids Camp. Yesterday the main point was:

Take it in & Live it out. Build my life on what really counts.

Today we’re adding to this with: Choose to see you the way God see’s me. The scripture base is the parable of the Good Samaritan. This morning we challenged the kids to think of who the Samaritans are in their lives. Bullies, siblings, people that are just plain hard to love. We left them with the challenge this morning to think about who the Samaritans are in their lives and what it would look like to show them love.

Tonight we’re going to challenge the kids to make a heart decision. It’s one thing to “show love” to people who are hard to love, but an entirely different thing to truly love your neighbor as yourself. We’re going to challenge the kids to see others the way God sees them. This isn’t a switch we can turn on or off, but something the Holy Spirit has to do in our hearts. We just have to be willing to let him change us.

So, join with me in prayer tonight that the 400 kids at camp this week would be attentive to the words they hear and that they would open their hearts to the work God wants to do in them. This could be the start of a Revolution of Love!