So many of you were very kind to give me lot’s of great ideas for camp. The ideas you all send me help spark my imagination and bring me different ideas… and sometimes the idea you bring to the table is exactly what I need.

So, here’s what I’ve settled on using.

Initially, I asked for three wise men. I got a couple of offers and several fell through. When I began to see that I might not get my hands on one, I realized that I better come up with a plan B. Actually, the plan B is turning out to be a really good solution. I’m doing a live nativity… kids always love seeing their leaders act stuff out. I might have access to a non-illuminated set that is close to the camp… so I might use that along with the live nativity.

I also asked about an illustration of misfits and brokeness. I actually fell in love with the idea of getting actual car parts… like some doors. I think that with a little more time, I probably would have gone after that. This one was still really tough. Eventually, I found myself in Hobby Lobby and came across some colorful and decorative metal buckets. It’s not perfect, but I feel that they will get the point across well.

Lastly, I asked about symbols of “defining” God and friendship. Many of you had some great ideas… but one came to me while searching the web and the other while I was just sitting around. For defining God, I ordered this off Amazon. Pretty cool huh? Friendship was tough. many of you suggested friendship bracelets or jewelry and I just didn’t think that was big enough for the setting. I spent a lot of time thinking about friendship and finally the though came to mind. Food. At least from my perspective, food is closely associated with friendship. As kids, we trade and share our food with our friends. As adults, we connect with friends by having them over to dinner or going out. I have a box of Mike and Ike’s that I’ll share with many kids on the front row. It’s not perfect, but it will get the point across as well.

So, again thanks for all the help. It really was helpful and I’ll lean on this community again for this kind of stuff.