Last week I posted my Summer Camp “save-the-date postcard for peer review. I got some incredible feedback. Thanks to everyone who wrote suggestions on the blog, my facebook and through DM on twitter. This community is amazing. I took every suggestion very serious and revised the card based on several of them. Here’s the final product.



You may notice that I didn’t change the front of the card at all. Some suggested me making “kids quest” bigger. Actually I really wrestled with this; however, I realized that the point of the card is to draw parents to the fact that it’s time to register for camp. If they only see one thing on the card, I want it to be summer camp! So, I left it as it was.

The back of the card saw two more revisions. People suggested fixing the slanted red text. Several emphasized that I needed to explain where camp was. A few others suggested that I detail how much money parents would save by registering now. In my first revision, I put it all on the card. It didn’t look all that great. It was crowded. Information overload. The card is a teaser, not a brochure. They can get all the information that they need at the website. This card just piques their interest, drawing them in and making them want more. I feel very happy with how this turned out.

So, thanks everyone for your help. I’ll order this card this afternoon, so if you see a glaring typo before 5:00 PM CST… LET ME KNOW! 🙂