Unfortunately I may have missed the really great deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I’m hoping for some other great deals before the end of the year.

In our early childhood department at church is making some changes for 2009 and I need to put some LCD TV’s in our rooms. Basically, I need to buy and install 7, maybe 8. I could have sworn that I saw one in a Black Friday ad for as low as $599. We’re not showing Blue Ray movies, so it can be a simple Vizio or similar 720P. I can find several 32 inch LCD’s for $400 and several 42 inch LCD’s for $700, and most of those are 1080P. So, I’m looking for a 720P for under $500 and I’d prefer to pick it up locally so I don’t pay out the nose in shipping.

Maybe I’m stretching here, but would a local store negotiate the price a little bit since I’m buying so many LCD’s.

Any thoughts? Any help?