Last year I went to Orange alone. I wasn’t on staff anwhere (I started at Gateway the Monday after the conference). Going to Orange I knew about five or six people. It was a lot of fun, but I really wish I could have met more people. It helps to arrange some of that before you go.

This year I know of at least 30-40 people that I’m planning ot meet. I imagine that I’ll likely connect with dozens more. It’s going to be so cool.

I’ve seen the benefit of collaboration in my life and ministry this last year. I’m encouraging my staff to make some new connections with people in thier areas. They’re planning to meet people, but I thought I’d give them a head start as well. Here’s who I’m bringing that need to make some connections:

Early Childhood Director: She oversees brith through kindergarten, about 400 kids each weekend.
Early Childhood Coordinator: She assists the director and helps with volunteer staffing, so I know she’d love to connect with other Early Childhood people as well.
Production Director: She writes scripts, shoots and edits videos, leads production teams and worship teams for both elementary and early childhood. I’d love for her to connect with others doing this stuff as well.
Interim Multi-Site CM Coordinator: We’re still looking for our CP at our South Campus, but I’d love for our interim person to connect with other leading ministry at a small (100 kids) multi-site campus.

I have other staff coming, but they’re already well connected. If you are in any of these roles or have staff memebers who are in these roles, can we connect? I’d like to get my people talking to your people. Collaboration is amazing and it’s a value I want all of my staff to live out. Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond to you by email!