reggie_joinerSo, what do we really know about Reggie Joiner? He started the ReThink group which produces 252 Basics, My First Look, XP3 and the Orange Conference. He worked on staff at North Point for several years, developing the Orange strategy through ministry there. He rides a motorcycle. He’s a huge fan of Apple. He likes taking pictures. What else? Anything more personal?

What about his middle name? Do you know it? Yeah, you do… it’s actually Reggie. However, his first name is pretty top secret. Thanks to my good friend Matt McKee, he got Reggie to confide his first name… and this little known secret is a good one! 🙂

So, here’s a little contest. I know a lot of you out there already have Think Orange. But do you have Think Orange personally signed by “________” Reggie Joiner? I think not. Who knows, it might become a collectors item. So, here’s the fun little contest. If you can guess Reggie’s first name, you’re going to get an autographed copy of Think Orange as well as a copy of the new companion workbook. The workbook isn’t out yet, so you’ll get both books as soon as it’s ready.

We’ll run this little contest until Sunday. The person who guesses his first name or gets closest to his first name wins the books. Feel free to post as many guesses as you’d like or fill a comments with as many guesses as you want.