It’s been a few months and it’s time again for this site to take on an Orange hue. This “Orange Week” in particular revolves around the Orange Conference. It’s coming up in just a few months and once again, I’m totally excited about joining with thousands of other church leaders to learn, grow and connect. We’ll get to more of that later. If you’ve been wrestling with whether or not to come to the Orange Conference, I really suggest you consider going. It is the only conference where you can bring your entire team (kids, students, senior pastor) where each person focuses on different aspects of ministry, but they all connect to creating a strategy that works together. I’ve not seen anything else like it. Click here to register your team.

Even better, we’ll make it easy for you. Next week, Tuesday, February 15th. Write this down. Put it on your calendar. The Orange Tour is going online. At 1:00 PM EST, you can attend a web version of the Orange Tour. Have your volunteers all log in from work or home or gather them all in a room at your church. I’m very excited about this experience. I have some people and leaders that I really want to experience the Orange Tour who weren’t able to come with us to Dallas a few weeks ago. What a perfect opportunity for them to experience Orange.

So, for more information about the Orange Tour, click here. If you’ve been on the fence about attending the Orange Conference this Spring, I’m pretty confident that your mind will be made up after experiencing the tour. Just so you know, February 17th is the deadline for the special price break for Orange right now. Save $30 by registering before the 17th and get a $50 credit toward curriculum. It’s a good deal.

Already planning to go to Orange and you want to spread the love? Add an Orange Conference badge to your blog or website. Get codes here.

Last of all, I’ll be blogging more this week about both the Orange Conference as well as my experience a few weeks ago at the Orange Tour in Dallas. Should be fun!