Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 2.14.15 AMOver 4000 people will attend Orange this week. That’s not too shabby. However, I know that many are stuck at home for one reason or another. That’s okay, you still get to experience a little bit of Orange. Actually, you can experience a little bit of Orange that even those at Orange won’t experience. Lucky You!

Last week it was announce on Making of Orange that there will be a live stream of the conference coming from backstage during most of the event. What’s going to be streaming? Well, the opening session for starters. In addition to that, there will be hours and hours of interviews of ministry leaders and messages that will rock your world. These aren’t video clips and sound bites from other stuff, this is live and current, specifically for ministry leaders who think Orange but couldn’t make it to Atlanta this year.

Jared Herd and Stuart Hall will be hosting this live event. On Wednesday, April 28th, go to Making of Orange at 7:15 PM (EST) to catch the opening session. Then jump back on again on Thursday at 11:00 AM (EST) for almost 5 hours of interviews. messages and promotions. Friday will pick up at 11:00 AM (EST) with another 3 hours of greatness.

For a full list of speakers and guests, click here.

I’d really encourage you to check the days and times of the various speakers and schedule it on your calendar. Close your office door and turn your phone off. Just because you’re not in Atlanta doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little bit of Orange!