Okay, I intended to get these posted on Saturday, but this weekend was CRAZY!

Here are the two slide shows I used. Thanks for the suggestions on the music everyone, I went with two suggestions.

So, my initial plan was to have three different slide shows that would be running as people came in. However, after I finished the first one I totally changed my plan. It was too good to arbitrarily run while people were coming in. So, I planned to begin the service with the first slide show and then end the dedication with the second show. It was amazing. Check them out here (Oh, and I have password protected these videos. The password is “moistcookies”):

This first song you’ll probably recognize, it’s from the movie: Meet the Robinsons.

Dedication Video 1 from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

The second song is from Aaron Roughton, a very talented musician who attends our church. If you’re interested in Aaron’s music, you can listen to all of his music here and pick up his album at iTunes. I used his song, “This Very Moment.” Seriously, his whole album is great, but at the very least you should pick up this song.

Dedication Video 2 from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

Amazing, huh? It was by far the best slide show I’ve ever made and one the best I’ve seen. Creating it was easy. I used Animoto. Click here to sign up for your account.

I paid $25 for a one year account where I could make full lenght shows (the free default is 30 seconds). Because I was showing these on the big screen, I pain an additional $5 per video to get a DVD quality file. Let me tell you, it looked spectacular. Some people sent me low resolution images, but they all turned out great.

I wrote about Animoto a long time ago, but I’m serious, if you dont’ have it or aren’t using it, you really should. Click here to sign up!