baptism_headerI won’t deny it. I love praying with a child to receive Christ. It’s one of the things I love most about my job. Yeah, I also love to baptize kids. When I baptize them, I know I’ve had a chance to walk through this decision with the child and his or her parents. But what do I think is even cooler? When I get to stand by a parent as they baptize their own child. Over the years I’ve baptized hundreds of kids. Certainly it has been very special to me. Several of my facebook friends are kids I baptized years ago. Sometimes I’ve seen endorsements for a speaker/evangelist coming to speak somewhere that state the number of kids he’s baptized. “Brother Mark has baptized 4,000 kids.”

What does that tell me? No, I don’t initially think it’s bragging. It tells me that Brother Mark has likely had a powerful and effective ministry. Praise God! But how do I want to be known (not that I really need to want to be know)? How many kids has Kenny Conley baptized? Maybe by the number of times I’ve enabled parents to baptize their own kid. Now that’s cool. I’ve got some more thoughts on this I’d like to share with you.

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