A few months ago, the folks from Green Egg Media contacted me and asked me if I’d be willing to review their new Power Bible. I had never heard of the Power Bible, so I was happy to get my hands on it. They sent me book 1: From Creation to the Story of Joseph and book 8: The Light of Salvation. I figured I’d review them and give them away for someone to enjoy.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t impressed immediately and I put off doing the review because I don’t feel comfortable recommending something I don’t believe in. What I didn’t like was simply a matter of personal preference and I’m kind of ashamed to admit it. I wasn’t a fan of the style. It’s of the Japanese anime style of art and I’m just not a fan. I think anime grew in popularity after I became an adult, so I don’t have any attachment to the style. I just had a hard time imagining Jesus and these other Bible characters I’ve known all my life as anime cartoons. Again, totally my personal preference and opinion. Well, something interesting happened.


I brought the Bibles home one night as I wanted to spend more time looking them over, which didn’t happen. They ended up sitting on a table for a few days until one morning my wife texted me. She asked me where they came from. I told her and then asked her why? She went on to inform me that Titus (my seven year old son) had found them, taken them to his room and had been devouring them for hours.

Okay, I’m a little embarrassed now. As relevant and connected to culture I’m trying to reach as I try to be, I totally missed this one. I was about to dismiss this resource simply because it didn’t appeal to me. Unknowingly, it totally appealed to my son. We’ve had conversations since his initial reading and he’s talked about the stories he’s read and he’s asked for additional volumes of the Power Bible series.

IMG_3652Here’s the thing. I’d been wanting to get Titus a new Bible. He’s read the Bibles he has now so many times and I want him to continue to fall in love with the rich Bible stories. I was considering a comic book bible like the Action Bible, but I wasn’t sure if he was quite ready for that level yet. Turns out that the Power Bible was the perfect age appropriate Bible he needed.

The Power Bible is fantastic for young readers for several reasons.

  • It’s the Bible in comic book form (wonderful for kids to engage at their own pace)
  • It’s thorough. Although some people may not want to buy ten volumes to get the entire series, it is doubtful that you will get as much of the Bible story in a format like this. Kids Bibles are great, but they typically focus on just the key stories. With the Power Bible, you get more.
  • It’s age appropriate for a younger audience. The Bible is intense and some of the other comic book Bibles may be too intense for younger readers.
  • It’s unique. See what happened here. What I didn’t like about it is probably a strength. It’s a different style that kids are drawn to in a way that I’ve not seen in any other kids bible.

So, if your older preschooler/kindergartener to young elementary aged child is ready for a new Bible to engage in God’s amazing story, I highly recommend the Power Bible series. You can get the whole series here.