We had a big task ahead of us. We had to help the portables blend in. Well, we didn’t really want them to blend in. We just didn’t want them to be so dang ugly. Honestly, Gateway is one of the coolest and most beautiful church campuses I’ve seen. It’s got a very modern, outdoor "shopping center" type of look. Portable just don’t fit into that genre of building.

Initially our interior designer developed a plan to paint and mural the outside of the portables to create a "destination" for the kids. One that would lure the kids to come and check them out. Honestly, I was afraid that this would make them stick out even more than an ugly portable would stick out. I suggested that we choose some of the building colors and pain them to match the other buildings. That way they’d look like they were planned and that there was some intentionality behind them. It totally worked. These ugly portables actually look really nice. Amazing!

DSCF3032 DSCF3033DSCF3034 DSCF3035

See how this ties into the rest of our facility by here.