Okay. I know of three full time job positions available right now that are hiring immediately. Like, the positions needed to be filled YESTERDAY. Let me tell you a little about the positions:

Elementary Director: This is a full time position at a church here in Austin, TX. It’s a cutting-edge church reaching the lost and disconnected in this very “cool” city. A large percentage (I want to say over half, but I can’t confirm) of attendees have come to Christ in this church. Church attendance at this campus (multi-site) is over 3000 with an average of 500-600 kids. The Elementary ministry is moving toward a large group/small group model and needs an experienced leader to take the ministry to the next level.

Children’s Pastor: This is a full time position at the same church mentioned above. This position is for a Children’s Pastor over one of the video campuses. The campus (launched in January) runs close to 450 attendees. A strong leader who is flexible, creative and a great team player is needed to grow the ministry of this campus both numerically and in quality.

Children’ Pastor: This is a full time position for a brand new church plant in San Antonio, TX. This plant realizes that the Children’s Ministry is one of the most important ministries in a church reaching young families, so they’re “setting up” the future CP with a great opportunity. The church is being planted in on of the fastest growing areas of San Antonio, which is largely unchurched. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

What these churches need:

If you or someone you know is interested, please forward questions/resumes to me at kenny@childrensministryonline.com. Both of these churches are non-traditional churches reaching the post-modern/Gen-X population which is very different from most traditional and many contemporary ministries. It’s messy and raw, but totally fulfilling. If you’re lame, please don’t send a resume. If you don’t have experience leading Children’s Ministry leading 100-200+ kids, you may not have the proper experience. If you’re a Children’s Pastor, Elementary Director or heck, even a Middle School Pastor (who just doesn’t yet realize how cool children’s ministry is yet) who is looking for something new and different, then shoot me your resume. Even if you are currently in a position and you simply want to explore what these opportunities might look like, just send me an email (there’s not anything wrong with that at all, so don’t feel guilty about it).

One more thing

Those of you who are perfectly happy and in the place that you know God has set you in, please do me a huge, HUGE favor. Will you send me some names of people who you think might be a good fit for this position? I ask people all the time if they know anyone who is looking and I get the “No, most the people I know are serving somewhere.” To be honest, I’m not interested in those who are looking (well, I am if you know someone). I’m looking for some high quality people and more than likely they are already on staff somewhere. I want to contact them. I had a defining moment in my career as a CP where I was recruited away from the church I was at. I was not happy and it was a total “God” thing. I’ve also been contacted about positions while at another church and I’ve politely said “I’m not interested.” But I was glad to be asked. So, will you give me some leads on people I can contact about joining two very exciting ministries here in Texas? I would be very appreciative.