I’ve been overwhelmed by churches who are looking for Children’s Pastors. I think one of the best ways to secure a new ministry position is done through networking. Somebody knows somebody who’s looking to move and that person knows a church that’s looking for a new pastor. It’s great because it’s not a random resume or unknown church, but there are are people who can vouch for the church or the candidate. In the last 6 weeks I’ve had no less than 6-7 emails, phone calls or personal contacts from churches asking me if I know anyone who’s looking. If I have a name or a resume of someone on hand, I’ll pass it along. But here’s the truth I’ve come to learn over the years. There are more incredible Children’s Ministry positions to fill than there are experienced and dynamic children’s pastors to fill them. No joke.

It took me almost an entire year to fill my North Campus Children’s Pastor/Elementary Director position (I had the bar set VERY high). My It took me even longer to fill my South Campus Chidlren’s Pastor position. It was a much small position, but we were looking for a very particular candidate and quite honestly, there were precious few who made the cut to interview. I’m grateful for my staff who have filled these positions, but it was so painful to find them. I sorted through hundreds of resumes to find these two.

One thing I know is this. If you’re creative, have great experience (there’s so many ways to get great experience), have strong leadership as well as a few other key ministry traits, you’ll not have any problem securing a great Children’s Pastor position. I just wish there were more of us. Why aren’t there more? I certainly don’t want there to be too many where there are all these great Children’s Pastors who are out of work because there aren’t enough… but seriously, that’s not the case at all.

So, this week and next, I’m going to be posting a series on Kidmin employment. Maybe there are some people feeling called to Children’s Ministry and you want the dirt on what it takes to be a Children’s Pastor or what it’s like interviewing and securing a ministry position. I’m even going to partner with a blogging friend to talk about interviews, resumes and other hiring basics. This should be fun.

BTW, if you’re currently a Children’s Pastor with great experience and strong leadership and you feel God my be closing a door on where you are serving now, shoot me an email, I might have some opportunities you want to consider. My email is kenny@childrensministryonline [dot] com.