Yes, today is my blog’s 2nd birthday. I thought I’d compare last year’s numbers to this year’s numbers. Let’s see what happened.

Last year:

  • 119 Posts
  • 2,428 Unique Visitors
  • 10,368 Pageviews
  • Most popular post
  • Visitors from 56 countries
  • Visitors from 48 states (where are you Vermont and Montana?

This year:

  • 330 Posts
  • 10,566 Unique Visitors
  • 28,851 Pageview
  • Most popular post (funny thought, this post doesn’t have any comments)
  • Visitors from 129 countries
  • Visitors from all 50 states (Last year I hadn’t reached Vermont or Montana. Now I hit about all 50 states every month)

Yeah, year number two has been a big year for Children’s Ministry Online. Year three is going to be even bigger. Why? Well, I think it’s being consistant. I’d say that more of my posts are duds than hits. However, the more often I write, the more often I’ll come up with a good post. In addition, every post is another door to your site. The more decent content you can get on your site, the more opportunities you create to enter your site. This last year, I quadrupled the opportunity for people to enter Children’s Ministry Online, so it’s no wonder I saw so many more people come and visit. Blog growth can easily be exponential if the author is consistant.

So, I thought I’d add an interesting element for next year:

Year Three Predictions:

  • 550 posts (that’s a post an a half every day… I wnat to hit 1000 posts by the end of year three)
  • 1,500 comments (I had twice as many comments as posts last year, so let’s see if I can triple it this year)
  • 50,000 Unique Visitor (This should be doable, but we’ll see)
  • 100,000 Page Views (This will be a bit of a stretch, but very possible)
  • Most popular post: Hmmm, I’m thinking about it right now…

Thanks for participating in this community. Although the numbers are fun to look at, the best part of Children’s Ministry Online has been connecting with other Children’s Pastors. I’ve made many new friends this year as a result of this blog. This year specifically, I’ve connected with a handful of other Childrne’s Pastors who I feel I’ll have life-long friendships with. This blog and network has become something that I’m passionate about and I feel that I’m a better person now becasue of it. So, thank you everyone for being a part of my life through this little blog!

Here’s to year three!