Hey to all my children’s ministry friends who twitter. My friend John @johnincolorado asked if I knew if there was a commonly used hashtag for children’s ministry. What a great idea. I’ve not seen one. Initially he suggested #childrensminisry. Personally I think it’s too long. Perhaps #CM or #KidsMin. What do you all think? Let’s figure one out this week, make sure there’s not already a hashtag for this and then start using it. That way when we twitter CM specific stuff, we can add the hashtag to categorize these in the twitter world.

Also, another request. I’m still very new to the hashtag business. When I started seeing everyone begin to use them, I tried looking them up in google and wikipedia and couldn’t really find very helpful explanations. I also wasn’t using very sophisticated twitter applications that serched hashtags. Anyone want to write a blog post or two about hashtags, what they are, which ones are some good ones to follow and how you use any particular twitter application to follow hashtags. I know there’s a lot for me to learn and I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who still don’t have a clue what a hashtag is.