I’m pretty excited about Christmas at Gateway this year. For a church, we’re doing something a little different than we’ve done before. Austin is a pretty unique town as in a significant portion of the town are singles, which mean lots of people going home for Christmas. Although we’ve done four or five Christmas Eve services in the past, I’d never describe our attendance as “stagering.” I think the five services provided convenient times for everyone to come and most people who came seemed to be those who call Gateway home.

This year is totally different. This year the Christmas Eve services are very community focused with a target to connect with families. It’s a whimsical production that the whole family is going to love including dance, music, people flying through the air and even a little bit of comedy. We’re promoting the services very heavy throughout the community, so I expect we’ll see a lot of new faces! Check out the promo below:

Imagine Christmas 2010 from Gateway Church on Vimeo.