At Gateway we have a monthly gathering where the staff comes together to pray. We creatively call this time, “all pray.” Ha!

So, today I was in charge of all pray and since our Christmas production begins next week, the focus really needed to be about all our efforts in regard to the production. When I was assigned this all pray a few months ago, I had an idea and we implemented it today. My staff came together and helped me get everything done and everything turned out great.

So, the theme centered around the subjects of Christmas carols and choruses. There is so much depth to many of the songs we sing at Christmas. We, we set up seven prayer stations around our auditorium building. At each station we had an 11×17 poster with the name of the song with all the lyrics. Below the lyrics, we had a few scripture verses that tied into the song as well as a few prayer points inspired by the song/lyrics. Finally, we had a CD player at each station playing that song on a loop. As staff wandered from station to station, they could sing with the CD, they could meditate on the scriptures and personally or corporately pray through the prayer points.

It was a fun and creative way to pray for our church and ministries during the Christmas holidays. It was very laid back as some people joined with others to pray and others just kept to themselves and prayed on their own. I think the stations would have been a great, but totally different experience if you put everyone in groups and had them move from station to station together.

Attached are the PDFs (I forgot to say, we also had 8.5×11 handouts so each participant had their own guide).

My designer created these in pages, so if you have pages and want the originals, you can grab them right here.

Prayer Stations Posters

Prayer Stations Guides