Google is stirring things up with their new operating system. It isn’t likely that Google is going to take down Microsoft or Apple. This operating system isn’t a replacement… more of a supplement. It’s the perfect OS for those secondary netbook computers that are so perfect for travel and surfing the web. However, Google’s introduction of Chrome OS will most certainly affect Microsoft and Apple. They’ll respond with additional innovation of their systems. The result, we the consumers have more options and a better experience. Great job Google!

Don’t know what Chrome is? If you’re on a Windows machine, click here to download it. You’ll really be amazed at how fast it is. Really, it’s super fast. Got a Mac? Chrome isn’t on OS X yet. However, you can download a developers build here. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it’s pretty close.

Here’s a great article about the new Google OS, what it’s going to look like and when you can get it.

Last of all, here’s a great video that does a really great job of explaining why Chrome OS is being developed and why it’s going to be awesome. It really does change the way we use computers to a degree.