Exciting things are happening at Gateway. We’re making plans to launch another campus in 2010 and we will be launching an internet campus by the end of 2009. Our internet campus won’t just be live streaming of our Sunday services, but an actual campus/community with a dedicated campus pastor.

A few months ago we hired our web campus pastor, Vince Marotte. He just relocated to Austin this month, although he started working before he got here. It’s really exciting to see how our website and our internet strategy will develop over the next 6-12 months. Vince is an incredibly talented guy, but he’s also closely connected to some of the strongest leaders in this community. It’s going to be incredible. See some recent guest posts on Church Crunch.

What I’m most excited about is how we will be able to utilize the web to be more effective in ministry. How will our web presence and tools help us to better connect with volunteers and leaders? How will our web presence and tools help us better equip and train paretns. How will our web presence and tools help us continue the Sunday experience with our kids? So many possibilities out there, I look forward to seeing with this leads.