I follow several people I used to work with at Cross Timbers in DFW and it seems my previous church is getting some media attention. Don’t worry, its a good thing. They’ve been giving money back to the community both inside the church and out. This action has caught the eye of the media and they’re getting some national news coverage. Check out the article on CNN.

I know some good things are happening at Cross Timbers. A good friend described it as revival. Last fall they held a baptism service at all their services and a gajillion people were baptized. Looks like they did another baptism service recently and another gajillion were baptized as well. Yes, there are enough people in DFW to sustain these types of baptisms.

So, it’s good to see God is moving and this is a good thing for the Church. If people can run to the church when in need, who are they going to turn to? If all we have to offer is a message, then are we really representing the life of Christ?

Toby, senior pastor summed this up really well. When asked if they were concerned about people taking advange of this generosity, he replied, “I told my church a couple weeks ago, if I’m not being taken advantage of, I’m not being like Jesus.”