I can’t tell you how excited I am. This year for Christmas, my parents gave me tickets to see Cirque du Soleil. I saw them in Dallas as a gift from my parents for my 30th birthday and I was dumbfounded. I’ve never seen anything like it. Although I’ve heard plenty about the Cirque, I just never imagined what it was like to see this live. So, we’ve got a sitter for the boy and Sara and I are going on an overnight get-away to North Dallas to see the show.

I’m just curious, has anyone seen this show in particular? I remember the show I saw almost 3 years ago was amazing, but the previews and descriptions made me wonder if the show was gong to be that amazing. I’m glad the show blew away my expectations. The show OVO revolves around insects, all the characters play the parts of insects from lady bugs, grasshoppers to spiders. One scene from the preview in particular that I can’t wait to see is this giant earth like wall that the payers climb up and down just like bugs, facing upwards and downwards. Then they start dropping off the wall to hit a giant trampoline at the base just to spring back up and cling back onto the wall again. I can’t wait.

One thing I noticed from the last time I visited Cirque was how well they created an environment that simply amazed. Where shows like this can easily book arenas and use state of the art stages, most of Cirque’s traveling shows literally set up the big top in the parking lot of such arenas and the big tops aren’t exactly like the the big tops of years past, but almost fantasy like, tall and slender tents with spires reaching high into the sky. The bright blue and yellow tents grab the eye and anyone driving by is curious about what’s going on there. I love how they’re taking something like the circus, a centuries old tradition and have blended both old and new to create something different. Certainly something we can all learn from.